Ann-Marie Emmanuel is a Trinidadian-American of diverse talents. She is the founder and chief designer at De Cher, Inc., an exclusive fashion company that features an exotic array of exquisite custom designed apparel for women.

She is also the visionary behind the charitable projects Stuffed Love and Fashion for Compassion, which donate supplies and funds to children in underprivileged communities in Trinidad and Tobago and Sierra Leone. Ann-Marie accomplished all this while balancing married life, motherhood and her professional career.

As a returning national with over 27 years of service to the US government, including 12 years in various managerial capacities, she is now dedicated to leading and enriching the lives of the citizens of her native country.

Ann-Marie has served on the board as a Practitioner Coach for SHIFT! Caribbean whose commitment is the transformation of Trinidad and Tobago in all spheres.

She has also served as Project Manager for the North Coast Empowerment Group whose mission is to create sustainable community-driven programs.

Regardless of her location or circumstance, Ann-Marie’s greatest passion has been empowering others to discover, enhance, and align with their true purpose and passions.

Ann-Marie is a graduate of The Landmark Worldwide Leadership Program and has completed the full curriculum along with advance courses in Communication Access to Power, Being Extraordinary and Integrity: The Bottom Line.

As a result of her training with The School of Self Love and mentorship with renowned motivational speakers Lisa Nichols and Suzie Carder, Ann-Marie has been able to guide thousands worldwide in forming more intimate connections and making more self-empowering, self-loving choices for their lives.

In November of 2020, Ann-Marie launched Bloom Beauty, an e-book publication that serves to remind women to put Self-Care and Self-Love at the core of all their plans, proposals and projects.

The Passion Kairos platform is an extension of her passion for life and people and offers exclusive access to her signature transformative learning and creative arts programs. Her ultimate goal is to elicit a chain reaction of social change, causing  individuals to be empowered with the renewed confidence and enhanced skills to maximize their potential.