Ann-Marie Emmanuel is a certified Relationship and Self-Love Coach and belongs to The Path of Self-Love School of teachers on 6 continents.

Ann-Marie has over a decade of experience in lifestyle, transformational and relationship coaching and is a graduate of The Landmark Worldwide Leadership Program where she completed advanced courses in Communication Access to Power, Being Extraordinary, and Integrity: The Bottom Line. She has also trained under world-renowned motivational speakers Lisa Nichols and Suzie Carder.

Ann-Marie speaks at conferences and events and offers workshops about self-discovery and self-love, relationships and sexuality, mindfulness and meditation, and how to create a life lived from compassion and consciousness. Her work is focused on helping clients break free of the self-sabotaging voice of their inner critic into ease, confidence and self-awareness. Ann-Marie adds value by emboldening every audience member with realistic techniques to apply to their relationships, career, and life.


This talk focuses on practicing and developing the tools that build the courage, dedication and commitment to overcome the fear of failure and uncertainty to follow our purpose.
For Women Only
In this compelling talk, Ann-Marie leads a female audience into an insightful exercise in which participants “Breathe & Push” through the fire of their negative emotions, pain, fears and insecurities. They walk away re-energized and ready to unlock all their possibilities.
A lack of self-love is the root cause of bad decision-making, procrastination and negative self-talk. This talk demonstrates how to guide our choices, manage our thoughts and monitor our emotions to maximize self-sufficiency and awareness.